& Answers

How are Teams Formed?

College coaches will invite players that they recruit or players in their network of coaches.  High School coaches will put teams together by inviting players from their team, conference or other schools in their area.

Can Parents And/or Other Relatives Go?

Absolutely. The cost for parents and family members is $3,295 (the same as the cost for the athlete) which includes: round trip airfare, hotel (based on double occupancy for parents and family members), transportation, admission to the games, luau dinner & show, group sightseeing on the team bus and all team activities. The only thing you won’t get to do is play in the games (a little humor).

Approximately 40-50% of our travel group each year is made up of parents and family members of the athlete. Family members are invited and encouraged to travel to the NoKaOi Volleyball event as a “Traveling Companion”.

The benefits of traveling to the NoKaOi Volleyball event as a “Traveling Companion”:

  • Sign up the same time as your athlete and we will guarantee you will be in the same flights to and from Hawaii. If you sign up separately there is a good chance that you won’t be on the same flights.
  • Double Room Occupancy for traveling companions – 2 persons per room. Athletes stay with their teammates – 4 per room and will share a bed with a teammate (if an athlete wants their own bed, they can pay an additional $385 for the single bedding upgrade).
  • Hawaiian Lei Greeting
  • You will have tickets to the team Luau Dinner & Show.
  • You will travel with the team on the Charter Bus to all sightseeing events and tournament day.
  • Transportation will be provided to all NoKaOi Volleyball sponsored events.
  • You will be included in all private functions and group activities.
  • You will receive a NoKaOi Volleyball – Game Day Pass (valued at $50.00).
  • You will receive a trip T-shirt, ID Badge, and Luggage Tags.
What Is the Grade Level for This Event?

The NoKaOi Volleyball is open to all athletes who are currently in the 9th–12th grades.

Are There Scholarships or Fundraising Assistance Available?

NoKaOi Volleyball cannot give any type of scholarships or financial assistance due to our close working relationships with college coaches. However, most of our athletes do some type of fundraising on their own to help offset the cost of participation. We have a couple of fundraising opportunities that many athletes have used to raise the entire amount needed to attend this event. View our fundraising page to learn more.

Is There a Payment Plan or Do I Pay the Full Amount up Front?

When you sign-up, a $300 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot on the team. If family members are traveling with the athlete, each family member would make a $300 deposit at the same time as the athlete. This initial deposit applies towards the total cost of your trip. After your initial deposit, you can either pay the full amount up front or make monthly payments. If you do not pay in full at registration, you must make the required monthly payment on the first day of each month in order for your registration to remain active. Final payment on each account is due March 1.

Should I Buy Travel Insurance?

Yes, we strongly encourage all athletes and family travelers to purchase travel insurance. There is a lot of time between now and the NoKaOi Volleyball event. Life happens…we suggest you buy “Cancel for Any Reason” travel insurance, which means you can cancel your trip for “Any” reason. In today’s uncertain times, the “Cancel for Any Reason” option is the only type of policy that will give you trip coverage for any reason that you have to cancel your trip. Visit SquareMouth.com to shop for travel insurance for anyone who is traveling with NoKaOi Volleyball. You can also call them at 800-240-0369. Most travel insurance companies require that you purchase travel insurance 14-21 days from the time you pay your deposit for the trip.

What Hotel Will We Stay In?

We will stay in a Waikiki Hotel. Approximately 30 days after the final payment date (March 1) we will find out where our group will be staying. As soon as we get that information (usually around April 1) we will notify you of the hotel name, address and phone number. Hotels we have stayed in during past events are the Waikiki Beach Marriott, Hilton – Waikiki and the Queen Kapiolani Hotel.

Can Athletes Upgrade Their Hotel Bedding to Not Share a Bed?

Yes, an athlete can pay an additional $385 to upgrade their hotel bedding choice to have their own bed in the hotel room. The cost of $3,295 includes hotel with 4 athletes sharing 1 room with two beds. In a normal situation, each athlete would share a bed with another athlete. If an athlete wants to have their own bed (not their own room), then the athlete will select Option 2 – $385 charge during the registration process. The $385 is applied to their account and will guarantee they will have their own be and will not have to share a bed with another athlete during the event.

Can Athletes From the Same School Room Together?

Yes, athletes from the same school are placed in the same room upon request. The maximum number of occupants in each room is 4 athletes. Depending on the number of players on your team, there may be an odd number of players to fit into 4 person rooms. There is a chance that one athlete may stay in a hotel room with players from another team. We will work with your coach to make rooming assignments. You can also request a specific roommate during the registration process.